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Changing the template of an existing blog, website or online store is one of the basic requests that bloggers and other site owners requests today. This can be due to the fact, that the blog has grown and the template no longer encompasses the expanded meaning and intention it represents now. It can also be because the real agenda of the site has changed and the actions taking place are totally different from what is currently being seen or published on the site and finally, it might be because the owner wants a change and to create a levels of dynamism on the site. Sell Online


If using Wix, changing the template of an already existing Wix site is a service that the Wix platform is not yet able to provide. Also, Wix does not allow or provide a platform where two or more of its templates can be used in the same site. You can only use a single template each time on every site. However, they provide you with an alternative of setting up another site and transferring your content, domains and premium plans to the new site. The results are similar to changing the template as the new site will have the desired template you wish to have on your site. Ecommerce Platforms

Search for Template

Use the Wix platform to create a new site for your blog. With a clear vision of what you want, the template used on the site to represent in the present and in the future, search for a suitable template. The search category offers three types of templates: new, popular and blank templates. New refers to the latest templates out there in the market. Popular refers to the most used templates on the platform and blank refers to templates that you can design, customize and tailor them to your desired appearance.

Premium Plans and Domains

Once you have selected the template and designed a new site, you will need to reassign your premium plans and your domains. This is because you want viewers and other visitors to your blog, to use your store to access the new site with the new template. To do this, follow the following steps.

  • Premium Plans and Domain
    • Log into your Wix Account
    • Select premium plans to your right on the user panel/domains
    • Expand the relevant path by clicking on the expand arrow
    • Select the button indicating that you assign the plan to a different account/general tab for the domain, then Change and Connect to the site
    • Click on assign to complete the process/connect
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Changing the template is pertinent to the effectiveness, efficiency and sometimes credibility of the site as it is the first thing seen when the site is accessed. Wix should provide a platform that makes it easy to change the template similar to other platforms such as Magento and WordPress. View top ecommerce platforms 

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